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The Rain Can't Stop Us

Community, healing, and oddities. Portland.

Join me on a journey as I explore Portland and the community of people that are dedicated to making this place a better place to live for all of us. We will focus on the people who in their own creative way are focused on healing, communities and what makes this town unique. From monks, beer lovers, healers, service organizations, yoga masters, activists and anyone that is focused on digging deep in order to make this a better place.

As a long time resident, therapist, and community organizer I have seen the hearts that make this town what it is and want to offer the space for them to share the stories about what they do as well as the journey they took to get there. 

We will dive into what they are doing and the personal journey that they have taken to get there.  Many of us want to make a change, but aren't sure how we can get plugged in to making a difference. This show is a community space where you can hear how others have found their inspiration and taken a chance. Learn about the struggles that they have overcome to build their dream.


If you are looking for mental health therapy you can also find me at  If you have inquires about the program, want to buy a tee shirt or know someone you feel needs to be featured on the show you can contact me at

Oct 17, 2018

After a summer of protest here in Portland it is clear that the political climate is fervent.  Face offs between the antifascists and the radical right have shown that there is more going on under the surface in the local political climate then one might think.  On today's show we meet Sasha who teaches at Portland State and has written about Fascism and its rise in America.  We dive into what it means, some history and how it effects the local area.